Green Products

As society becomes more aware of the impact that cleaning products have on the environment and on building occupant health, green cleaning initiatives are becoming common.   Green cleaning programs are designed to move away from the ingredients that cause health issues and towards products that are less harmful to people and to the environment.    

It is not just chemicals that are an environmental concern.  Green products also encompasses disposable food service items and as well as other paper and plastic products.  

Environmentally conscious products include:  

•  Recycled and post-consumer content paper disposables
•  Green certified chemicals
•  Compostable and biodegradable food service items
•  Green certified hand care products
•  Degradable and recycled content can liners
•  Recyclable paper and plastic products and containers
•  Dispensing systems to reduce waste

green productsGem State Paper & Supply has the expertise to evaluate your current products and procedures, and to assist in implementing an environmentally sustainable program for your facility.    

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