Touch-Free Restroom

touch free restroom suppliesMore and more, employees and customers are demanding a washroom that is not only clean, but one that promotes hygiene.  

Touch-free hand soap systems and hand towel systems are a great first step in developing good hand hygiene practices.  Automatic faucets and Auto Flush devices take it a step further by minimizing cross-contamination on door knobs and restroom stalls.  

, used along with touch-free soap and towel dispensers, allow users to wash their hands without having to touch anything.  They can reduce water usage by up to 70 percent by only running when they detect someone’s hands below the sensor.  

 systems, some with AutoClean options that dispense cleaning chemicals with each flush, have sensors that detect when a toilet or urinal needs flushed.  They help with hand hygiene, water conservation, odor control, and are easy to install.  

A touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser near the entrance is the final element to combat restroom germs  and cross-contamination.  

The benefits of an automated and touch-free restroom include:

•  Consistent cleanliness
•  Minimized cross-contamination
•  Reduced cost and waste
•  Happier washroom patrons

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